Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year ! Again !!

HAhaha Happy New YEar...yet another post for the new year. The aim is not to repeat what I did (or rather did not do) last year. Here's to more than 1 post this year !


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Rantings........

Good afternoon,

Today has been a rather quiet day at work-no major dramas,just the usual slow pace of work and also the usual levels of D.P.U.( Translated to -"Defects per Unit" )The current levels are around 10~15 and goes to as much as 26.Anyways, "we will look into tis matter and find a solution" as was said to me during a recent meeting with the relevant people.
This really feels like an insult to my intelligence; you can say its a major case of taking the piss.Hahahaha.....

More interesting links to check out: Autospeed
: Abel Ibarra's 8s RX8 4 Rotor(please don't stop the music)

for our cars?Wat is gonna happen to the fuel guzzling rotary engined cars?Big American V8's?On a greener note, I wonder when we are gonna seriously look at hybrids/greener powerplantsTurbo'ed Japs? V10 BMW's....or shall we all start by emulating Audi's R10 V12 TDi? Or shall we keep on doing stuff like this? Renault F1 Engine(You Tube)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Good afternoon(I am at GMT +8)(Malaysia)
I must say that my posts are rather inconsistent.Each time I plan or think about it,somehow I end up not doing it.But I have noticed that I'll have the urge to post when something pisses me of at work ! The people that own the factory I work at labels it as an" Automotive Hub" What ever that means I'm not sure cos the person that conjured that statement must have been smokin' grass and by the river for a spot of fishing(which incidentally seems to be THE pastime of most of the folk here)

Anyways,I'm pissed cos these people can't seem to fully grasp the concept of how to assemble cars and yet they still insist on telling us how to fill the auto transmission fluid.This from someone who thinks that the diesel engine must have some really good spark plugs! Wow !But I have to admit,that guy tries very hard to do things the rite way.
On a better note,looks like we have a reason to celebrate and wait in anticipation for the KL Motopark.
Do visit their site for more info. I sincerely hope it works as the industry really need a booster shot in the arm...SIC,MAM,AMM just does not seem to be able to make any real progress at the grassroots level of motorsports.....what happened to the go-kart racing? It seems that all these people promote the glamorous part of racing and ignore the man on the a one veteran expat motorsport said to me once,"these guys do it for personal masturbation and not for the progression of the motorsports industry" !!! Hahahahaha personal masturbation?? pretty harsh but true........Meanwhile, watch this excellent clip,amazing sound of rotary power......
Mazda 787B Kudzu "The Legend"

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Goodd evening folks, have you had your dose of motorsports yet? Just thought of sharing some rather interesting videos courtesy of Honda Racing F1. Wish we had some sort of Formula Student here to actually nurture some talent in Malaysian Motorsports....wishful thinking?

Maybe,but hope and wishful thinking keeps us alive(plus some decent,intelligent hard work !)

Meanwhile, enjoy :

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Greetings -again !

Greetings all !
What an "eventfool" 2~3 months.We have our own space tourist,we have an option to buy some heap of scrap that went to space and back(wow-I can imagine that "space craft" being nicked from the exhibition site by some scrap metal "vendors")(That will definitely start a new task force to monitor and regulate all the enterprising scrappers going around nicking public property).
Then we had "OPS Siakap the 7th or 8th" .We've had so many that I've lost count-maybe we need another task force to monitor these things?
Then we had BERSIH....that was way cool-I admire those who attended/participated,cos I, for one do not have enuff gonads to partake in such a noble endeavour,maybe I will someday.......

Sorry about the ramblings,this is afterall supposed to be a blog about cars and all related topics....but I can't help it! I've been banished to the Jungles of the Malaysian Auto HubCap(now Isuzu wants to make hubcaps here too !)
Happy motoring......


Minister quits to focus on Le Mans

Paul Drayson at the FIA GT race at RockinghamBritain's defence minister Lord Paul Drayson has taken a leave of absence from government to pursue his dream of racing in the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Drayson competed in the British GT championship this year, where he finished third in the drivers' standings at the wheel of a bio-ethanol-powered Aston Martin DBRS9 for Barwell Motorsport.

The 47-year-old will compete in the American Le Mans Series next year, as success in that championship is one way of teams gaining at entry for the 24-hour race in June.

In a letter to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, published by the BBC website, Drayson explained that he had a passion for motor racing.

"A number of special circumstances have now presented me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," he said in the letter.

"I have the opportunity to race next year in the American Le Mans Series in the US, a key step towards my eventual dream of success in the Le Mans 24 Hours.

"Unfortunately it cannot be combined with the challenge of full-time government office."

Drayson's position in government is an unpaid post, and the BBC reported that Gordon Brown understood Drayson's decision.

"I understand your desire to take up the extraordinary opportunity which has now emerged to achieve your great life's ambition," the Prime Minister wrote to Drayson.

"I look forward to your return to government when your leave of absence ends."

This article is from:

I guess you'll never see this sorta thing happening here....well,then again why should it?All our goverment servants are paid a salary and allowances and enjoy many many perks on and so forth.......